Technical & Quality Manager ~ Abdul Morad

Assembly Production Manager ~ Eddie Vera

Quality Assurance

The Quality approach is the high investment in people and in the state-of-the-art equipment used for achieving quality. Quick Circuits is committed to keep abreast of the key quality and manufacturing standards and affords quality assurance a significant percentage of its resources.

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The probe test maintains speeds of over 30 tests per second, and is capable of testing to the very finest pitch and pad size.

The company has gained ISO9001 recognition together with UL approval - and other manufacturing approvals from major OEMs.

In human terms, these quality standards have been achieved thanks to a dedicated quality management team and a company philosophy that highly trained staff are required to complement manufacturing and testing technology advances such as Auto-Optical Inspection (AOI) and electronic surface mount testing.

Work is inspected at every stage of production through to dispatch whilst support facilities include chemical and microsection laboratories.

Test Facilities:


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