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Sales Co-Ordinator ~ Janine Ward

PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

With CAD capabilities becoming more and more sophisticated, Quick Circuits has identified that conventional tooling and manufacturing methods cannot always be relied upon to provide the accuracy required.

Continuous investment in front-end technology has meant that Quick Circuits can take electronic data from its customers in a wide range of formats, process the data and network it direct to the manufacturing plant including automatic optical inspection. As a result of this investment, accuracy direct from CAD data can be achieved for complete manufacturing together with associated benefits such as faster turnaround times and cost savings.

Manufacturing Capability
A.O.I Electronic Data Processing
Full Automatic Optical Ucamco Ucam & Graphicode GC-CAM front end software (6 stations)
Inspection to Gerber Data Direct data transfer active 24 hours a day
Formats accepted: Drilling Formats
All Gerber formats Any ASCII format  
EDIF 4.0.0
Material Types: High Specification Standard Specification
FR4, Polyimide, PTFE, High Tg, High Frequency  
Max. Circuit Size (Con.PTH) 550x550 550x550
Max. Circuit Size (M/L) 550x550 457x355
Max. Board Thickness 4.0 4.0
Min. Board Thickness (Conv.PTH) 0.2 0.5
Max. Layer Count 36 14
Min. Board Thickness (M/L) 4L 0.3 0.6
(Min. Multilayer. thickness on request)    
Min. Track Width 0.1 0.15
Min. Gap Width 0.13 0.15
impedance Control +/- 5% +/- 10%
Drilling High Specification Standard Specification
Min. Finished Hole Size 0.15 0.3
Max. Aspect Ratio 10.0:1 8.0:1
Min. Annular Ring 0.127 0.127
Resist Mask High Specification Standard Specification
Liquid Photoimageable    
Min. solder dam 0.1 0.127
Notation High Specification Standard Specification
Standard White/Yellow (Min. line width) 0.127 0.127
Other colours on request    
Photoimageable available    
Surface High Specification Standard Specification
Electroless Nickel/
Immersion Gold
0.030 - 0.100 µm gold
over 3 - 6 µm nickel
0.030 - 0.100 µm gold
over 3 - 6 µm nickel
Immersion Tin    
Electrolytic Hard Gold
over Nickel
1 -5 µm gold
over 3 - 5 µm nickel
1 -5 µm gold
over 3 - 5 µm nickel
Pure Gold (Wirebonding)    
Carbon Ink    
Peelable Solder Resist    
Bare Board Testing High Specification Standard Specification
Flying Probe Testing (3 machines)    
Min. pad size 0.05 0.1
Min. pitch 0.1 0.2
Testing to Gerber data    
Single Board Testing    
impedance Testing    
Using Time Domain Reflectrometry    
Impedance Control    
Blind/Buried Vias    
Hole Plugging    
High Aspect Ratio Plating    
Sequential Build up Technology    
Epoxy Resin Plugging    
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